Nicky Kent at Social Heart C.I.C. offers Business Consultancy, Coaching, Learning Development, Digital and Social Media strategy and implementation and more to individuals, small businesses, social enterprises and Charities, whether start-up or scale up.


If you're a total business newbie, or founder entrepreneur, struggling with heavy workload, direction fuzzy, vision blurred?

If you feel tired, bogged, overwhelmed, maybe skills lacking some, few customers to pay you and no help when only one?

If Facebook and your LinkedIn have you Tweeting in despair, your ideal client's AWOL, or you're lacking market flare?

If this is you don't worry, because help is 'NOW' at hand, I'll show you 'How' to get the 'Wow' and make 'Your Biz' expand

Nicky Kent

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HOW’s your WOW … tell me what’s holding you back?

Infinite Business Potential

Are you motivated and passionate, but unsure you’ve got the inner grit, or infinite potential to make it happen?

Do you entertain and fall in love with your ideas, but struggle to know your ideal client, or fully execute and shout out loud about your goals?

Have you ever thought ‘I’m too young, too old’, ‘I don’t think I can’, ‘I don’t know how’, or ‘I just can’t find the time’?

I know I have sometimes!

Tame Your Fear Feeling

Are you struggling to send fear to the back of the class, full of worries, isolated and continually exhausting yourself?

Do you dream of pitching fluently, confidently and branding perfect to get regular clients and repeat business?

Have you ever wanted to do a superb job, go beyond your wildest dreams and raise your inner consciousness to what’s possible?

You’re not alone you know!

Business Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Do you struggle to work outside of your comfort zone, with your mind taking the entrepreneurial trip and your body remaining stuck where it is?

Have you ever felt you can’t manage all the things you need to do in your day, you’re tired, frustrated and without direction?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, stuck in a rut, unable to take effective and immediate business action?

I know, I know, I have and many of my clients too!

We all have to start in business somewhere and there is always a steep learning curve when you do something new, innovative, or unique.

The trick is to step out of your comfort zone, get rid of overwhelm, self-doubt and negative feelings and just get on with it and smash it.

I Coach…. You Learn How To Hustle 

Work Hard, HUSTLE, Be Authentic


“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and business in your heart”

Sr. Thomas Watson


The Pheasant

Neenton Community Society

 Social Enterprise Community Project

The Pheasant is a classic country inn with a touch of style, owned by the community and run for the community while offering good Shropshire food and warm Shropshire hospitality for visitors from near and far.

The work at the Pheasant included a conservatory-style ‘community room’ – somewhere for groups to meet, a venue for family parties and celebrations, or simply somewhere for villagers to drop in to spend some time and meet other. This also provides attractive additional dining space at peak times.

The renovation includes a new catering kitchen and letting bedrooms offering a place for visitors to stay. The pub garden has also been beautifully restored and is used for  community celebrations and occasions.

Community Engagement Meetings: One to One Support: Business Advice: Group Facilitation

Wrekin College Business School

Education: Schools & Colleges: Group Support


  • "Nicky’s warm and down to earth approach really captivated and inspired the group and all have come away feeling confident and excited about their options in setting up their businesses as CIC’s"

    Lauren Jones JUNCTION BOX
  • "As a social entrepreneur and founder of CEDAR CIC, I can highly recommend Nicky Kent as a Business Outreach Coach. I can honestly say, our organisation would not exist today without her unparalleled support and encouragement. Nicky does not just make important suggestions and give you guidance on the steps you need to take to start a business, she is remarkable at motivating you to keep going through the difficult times, points you always in the right direction, and is tireless in her belief that more organisations with a 'social heart' are what is needed in the world of business today. She is worth every minute you spend with her"

    Dr Judith Wester CEDAR C.I.C.Cedar Education in Death Awareness & Resources
  • "Nicky supported me when I started up my social enterprise Wave-length, she did not judge me or my idea she simply listened, asked the right questions and gave the best support. Its a lonely business sometimes driving forward a business idea but with people like Nicky offering a suitable business path it helps greatly. She does what she says she is going to do and often goes that extra step to get the right outcome"

    Ann Johnson WAVELENGTH CICWavelength C.I.C.
  • "Nicky provided invaluable help to our small village from the very start as we embarked on a "do or die" project with no experience of social enterprise.

    She guided our working group through the maze of options for organisational structure and governance, advised on sources of funding and played a pivotal role in the community consultation meetings that were crucial in getting everyone focused and supportive of ambitious plans.

    Nicky has the expertise, techniques, and talent to manage discussion to encourage everyone to be constructively involved while dealing with sensitive issues in a way that ultimately produces a solid consensus.

    And once the Pheasant had been restored and re-opened Nicky was the ideal person, trusted by the community, to lead our discussion on developing the community aspects of the Pheasant and help get more people actively engaged."

    John Pickup THE PHEASANTNeenton Community Society
  • Wow, the 'explosion' was there from start to finish and I can't thank you enough for re-igniting a spark that has perhaps been dampened for a while due to not taking the time to assess the business from the outside. Your approach is as brilliant and professional as it has always been and you have given us both an excitement about the future that was not there before.I recomend anyone wishing to expand or re-ignite a business to get on board with Nicky, while she still has the time available to help!!!

    Dickon Pitt CROWSMILLCrowsmill Craft Centre C.I.C.

Wrekin College Business School

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I'm passionate about supporting you to get you and your business where you want it to be and beyond

I'm never going to second guess what you're capable of as everyone is unique

I want the very best for you, so you can be the very best at what you do

  • How to start, or grow your Social Enterprise or Small Business

  • Start up capital and funding

  • Setting up your bank account

  • Setting personal and business goals

  • Market research and planning – made easy

  • Overcoming fear, building confidence, making things happen

  • Working smarter and reducing overwhelm

  • Identifying and attracting your ideal client

  • Core and social values

  • Incorporating your business

  • What legal things you need to know

  • Legal structures – how they can protect and support your business

  • What social media is best and how to use it

  • Working out when you’re likely to make money

  • Setting up a website and branding

  • Delivering products and services online

  • Educational talks and public speaking

  • How much to charge for your services and products

  • How to take payments online

  • How much free stuff to give away

  • Business, marketing and financial planning

  • Intellectual property – trade marks, copyright and patents

  • Insurance and all things health and safety

  • Basic book keeping and finding and benefitting from an accountant

  • Building an audience, writing effective marketing copy

  • Monitoring, quality and evaluation

  • Trading and growth funding

  • Social return on investment

  • Recruiting and managing staff and volunteers

  • Setting up effective processes and procedures

  • Group facilitation and help with those ‘difficult to have’ meetings

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Trustee Boards and Directors

  • Money Mindset for Entrepreneurs and Charities

  • Or something that’s not even mentioned here…….

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“Wow, the explosion was there from start to finish and I can’t thank you enough for re-igniting a spark” Dickon Pitt


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