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Features Tell – Benefits Sell

Business is not simply about setting up our stall, yet it’s often what many of us do

We seem to think we need to sell our ideas based on facts, features and then wonder why we don’t get results

It really doesn’t matter how good we think our ideas are, or how much it’s needed – if clients don’t understand, or hear our message, it becomes a ‘SO WHAT’ factor

You see….as client’s none of us buy ideas, we really don’t, we buy into how it makes us feel

So, our client’s problems have to be our problems, they have to believe in us, know that we get them, understand how they feel, what they think and what they want

It’s not enough to be passionate and hope you can make a difference, we need to listen to what our clients are actually saying they need and then address their problems by providing the solution…… because you know you can help them, right?

I’m Nicky Kent, and I will show you how to address your client’s problems, show you how to create value and become a meaningful brand by helping you to understand what your client’s want and what they want to hear

We all have to start in business somewhere and there is always a steep learning curve when you do something new, innovative, or unique

The trick is to step out of your comfort zone, get rid of overwhelm, self-doubt and negative feelings and just get on with it and smash it

We’re all individuals,  every business will be different and no one, however good can ever stop improving, so coaching, learning, and development is a must if you are serious about being successful

Ok, I’ll be honest, I may not have every single answer in your universe, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far, so you don’t have to make the mistakes I’ve made along the way

So, if you know what you need to do…….but just can’t seem to do those things – you ‘CAN’ learn how to deliver consistently

One to One Support

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More about me

  • I’m the founder Director of Social Heart Community Interest Company
  • I’m a qualified and very experienced Social Enterprise Business Consultant and Practitioner and  I use a down to earth, practical,  show how, holistic approach, which is empathic to your business
  • I have hundreds of satisfied clients, working in a variety of sectors and many leading the way in their chosen field.


  • SFEDI Accredited Gold Status Social Enterprise Business Support Practitioner SFE1NQ5G4OGKLT6J
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing – Grade Merit
  • Institute of Leader Management Level 5 in Social Enterprise Business Support
  • Preparing to Teach Life Long Learning
  • Supervisory Management Certificate
  • IOSH Health and Safety Certificate

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Social Entrepreneurship

More and more entrepreneurs are setting up social businesses, as they have the power to face some of the world’s greatest social problems, at the same time as providing you with the work life and lifestyle you want for you and your family

Social enterprises use commercial principles to deal with human and environmental well-being and they can range from massive to small in size.

Social Entrepreneurs put something back into the community through surpluses they make, at the same time as doing something they really love

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a wannabe social entrepreneur or online guru, you already have a small business, or an individual, or group wanting to set up a charity, as long as you’re ready to:

  • be crystal clear about your business intention, want to find inner personal grit, free of confusion, self-doubt and overwhelm

  • gain confidence, business knowledge and learn specialist skills to set up and build a successful business that makes money

  • increase offline and online visibility through effective branding and community networking

  • create change for yourself, for their family and/or the wider community

  • to be positive about life, want to take action and shout loud and confidently about what you’ve achieved

When You Work With Me

You’ll have my undivided attention and have access to everything I know about business and social enterprise

  • I’ll encourage you to question your assumptions about business and who you serve
  • I’ll be your critical friend and tough love practitioner on your business journey to success
  • I will support you in moving forward with your business no matter what others may think, say or do
  • By the time our work is done you will know who your ideal clients are inside out
  • Have clarity of vision
  • Understand core values and brand authority
  • Be able to register your business as a newbie
  • Have a legal structure fitting your business model
  • Write business and social objectives
  • Know what’s needed to manage the finances

You’ll also have a whole heap of business strategies and support to choose from, the options are endless!

Start Up Support

Social Entrepreneur Scott Adams

Exotic Zoo C.I.C.

Social Value

Providing value is very important to me and I will always respond and support those within my Social Heart Community

My aim is to help you develop a sustainable business model, from which a lasting friendship will grow

As a Community Interest Company, all surpluses made within Social Heart CIC will be reinvested to support our social objectives

Non-Executive Directors

Social Heart C.I.C. started trading in April 2015 and is run by Founder Director Nicky Kent, a qualified and experienced business and social enterprise consultant, practitioner, success coach and digital and social media strategist.

Nicky ‘walks the talk’ for her social enterprise business, but she’s not alone, because here’s the thing …

Social Heart C.I.C. is extremely fortunate to be supported by two Non-Executive Directors who are highly skilled and experienced in business, social enterprise, education, and finance



Richard Jefferies

IMG_0094A West Countryman by birth, Richard has been based in the Midlands for the last 25 years managing a variety of successful teams within Natwest Business Banking, culminating in his role as Director for Staffordshire and Shropshire. With a wealth of experience, Richard not only provides financial expertise but also knowledge of training & development, HR, Credit Control, Process Control and Telephony / Online operations

Involved locally in the organisation / running of several Charities over the years as well as Board positions with local enterprise agencies. In addition, has undertaken key roles in both golf and football (where he continues to maintain an active interest) Richard is an ideal fit with the ethos of Social Heart.

Married with 2 grown up sons Richard has recently retired from the Bank – their loss is certainly our gain.

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Dr Judith Wester

Dr Wester is a thanatologist and academic who has committed herself to transferring contemporary research on death, dying and bereavement into language everyone can understand. She has taught at college, university and community levels, believing everyone from young to old can benefit from death education.

Dr Wester is the Founder Director of CEDAR C.I.C, so she has first-hand experience of setting up and running a ground breaking, innovative and successful social enterprise and she also has so much enthusiasm for empowering people through education and social enterprise business.

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